Ways to Help

  • SNAP-X is always looking for more friends who want to make a difference for abandoned animals – YOU! “Well, how can I help?,” you ask?

    With your engagement

    • Take a moment to tell your friends about the program and where they can go to learn more.
    • If you work in a place that might be interested in partnering with SNAP-X, let us know.
    • Be sure everyone you know looks for shelter animals before going to a pet shop or a breeder.
    • Be conscious of the problem – keep an eye out for information from your local shelter.

    With your support

    SNAP-X is not a 501(c)3, Petfinder is. SNAP-X is more a facilitator, as all dollars are directed to the processed by Petfinder. Support shelter animals across North America with a donation HERE.

    Maybe you won’t get that third Latte today, but the $6 you save you can help a dog, cat or other pet.


    • $2.00 vaccinates a shelter cat
    • $2.50 vaccinates a shelter dog
    • $5.00 feeds and cares for a shelter animal for a day
    • $25.00 spays or neuters a shelter animal
    • $25.00 – $125.00 transports a shelter animal

    Petfinder.com Foundation works with shelters, rescue organizations and animal welfare organizations across the country to see that no adoptable pet is euthanized for lack of a good home.

  • With your time

    SNAP-X needs volunteers for a wide variety of events and internal needs. If you are a computer whiz, think about updating our site; if you are a go-getter, be part of an on-site team at the next adoption event; if you can’t get off Facebook, then join our interweb social magicians; if you want to be really hands-on, SNAP-X can match you up with a Petfinder member shelter in your area; if you like to think big picture, work with us in securing additional partners in the fashion entertainment and lifestyle worlds to help spread the word and save animals.

    With responsibility

    SNAP-X believes in being a responsible pet owner to the dogs, cats and other pets who already live with you.

    • What if Fido gets out?
    • Is he neutered?
    • Does he have a microchip ID? (Microchip or Tag)

    Get other tips for responsible pet ownership at:

    Volunteer at your local animal shelter -
    Find a shelter near you